Our Mission

Our mission is to be a voice for domestic rabbits by providing education, resources, shelter, and homes where they will thrive. We get to know our bunnies and strive to match them best with each person/family situation.

About Us

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization located in Marshfield, WI.

We are a foster-based rescue and rely 100% on volunteer support and donations.  Every rabbit that comes through our rescue becomes part of our family and is what we expect for them by adopters.

A Note from the President:
I want to help share the love and education of bunnies by being the voice for my late Oscar Henry McPickles. Although I have put together a lot of information and will continue to provide education and resources, I am not a vet.  A rabbit savvy vet is essential in the care of your rabbit.   I am not a vet.  

Oscar came into my life completely unexpectedly after being found outside in rough shape. At the time I knew absolutely nothing about rabbits. I learned quickly, but unfortunately lost him 4 months later to what I can only assume to have been GI stasis (will never know for sure). Since that time, I research/learn daily about rabbit care and needs as they are delicate animals with much to know that many are unaware of. 

Although I knew a lot, I did not know enough, and feel it may have led to overlooking signs/symptoms that my boy was in trouble, likely giving him veggies that could have caused the issue, etc. (amongst other complications and learning lessons, including where to vet a rabbit). Since that time, I continue to learn and put in the time to do the best I can for every bun that comes into my life. Each one finds a place in my heart, and I hope to do best for them, first medically, and then by placing into homes that we screen and hope to be best for each bun’s unique personality & situation.

To honor Oscar, I want his voice heard through spreading the love of rabbits (buns) and through education.  This area is misunderstood and help for rabbits is lacking in Wisconsin.  

Brittany Graves