Fostering Saves Lives

Our bunnies remain in foster care until medical needs are met and sterilization prior to adoption.

Foster homes provide space to save lives, love, and socialization for bunnies awaiting forever homes.

We need Your Help!

Foster to Adopt

Fostering to adopt is a way to save a life while seeing if a bunny is right for you. Similar to a test run. 


It’s exactly like our typical foster process, except your foster to adopt bun is not listed anywhere for adoption; they’re pending for you, while you figure out the following:


1. Is a bunny right for my family?

2. Is THIS bunny right for my family? 


And if you decide if you’d like to continue fostering until you find your perfect match, then we put your bunny officially up for adoption. 


If you decide to adopt, you’re given the option to continue fostering other buns (regular, long term fosters don’t pay adoption fees) or we can run the process like a normal adoption. 


The program is perfect for first time bunny parents or those who are on the fence. It helps us as it results in either an adoption or a foster where a life is saved regardless. 

For adopters and
potential adopters: