Molting & Brushing

MOLTING / MOULTINGMolting is natural. It is when the rabbit’s fur is shed and replaced with new fur. In adult rabbits it typically happens in Spring and Fall. Some breeds molt more noticeably than others, and you may notice some smaller molting at other times of the year. Rabbits under 1 year old will molt […]

Nail Trimming

Toe injuries are the most common injury we see on rabbits that we take into our rescue. Untrimmed toenails are the the leading cause of toe injuries. Grates used in cages and litter boxes also commonly cause injuries. Long nails can also cause permanently deformity to toes. Nail Trimming Tips1. Safely secure your rabbit to […]

Enrichment Activities

FUN WAYS TO MAKE YOUR RABBIT WORK FOR THEIR FOOD Rabbits love to chew and dig. Please provide various safe toys and a hidey house or tunnel to keep your bun from getting bored. A bored rabbit becomes destructive! Rabbits love to play with cardboard boxes. Please remove tape. You can give empty toilet paper/paper […]

Wild Bunnies

Our focus is on domestic rabbits.  Wild rabbits and domestic rabbits are different species and require different care.  Much of the time wild rabbits die in captivity. We are not licensed to take in wild rabbits.   If you have found a wild rabbit with an injury or have reason to believe something has happened to Mom, […]

Help with Re-homing Rabbits

Helpful Tips for Re-homing a Bunny NEVER EVER advertise “Free to good home” Spay/neuter the animal to avoid attracting backyard breeders or puppy mill operators Charge at least $25 to discourage resale of pets to labs and others Ask each prospective owner for his/her veterinarian’s name as a reference and check it. Ask for identification […]